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OnApp to acquire Virtkick - Announcement & FAQ

OnApp, a global cloud management software provider, has announced its intention to acquire Virtkick. OnApp is widely regarded as the leading cloud management software platform for the service provider industry (hosts, telcos, MSPs, VPS providers etc). They’ve been in business since 2010 and have helped many, many businesses in our industry build their own successful cloud hosting services. Check out for more info.

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August Feature Flash - Templates, Used Transfer Count, Simple Server Monitoring and more!

Busy August is busy. Take a look at the features we've built in the past few weeks - and many thanks for your feedback, all of it wouldn't be possible without you!

Create your own templates

Use this feature to customize your offer and meet users' needs.

Examples of possible new OS templates:

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July/August Feature Flash - Your Own Payment Gateways, Machine Upgrades and More!

We've been really busy at Virtkick for the past few weeks - here are some of the things we've been working on lately. All screenshots shared are work in progress and subject to change.

Your own payment gateways!

If you want to, you can now act as the payment gateway - the only requirement is that...

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Promoting your hosting business with Buffer, TweetDeck and reddit.

So you've got your hosting business all set up. Your servers, control panel and website are up and running. The only thing missing is... customers. Never an easy task, finding clients - that's why we decided to put this handy guide for one way of getting new people interested in buying VPS or other...

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Ramcloud - Inexpensive, performant hosting for the masses.

This week on the provider spotlight we will be featuring Ramcloud. Ramcloud is a hosting company that intends to provide the very best hosting service possible, for the lowest price possible, all without cutting any corners.

History of Ramcloud

Ramcloud was born out of frustration with existing...

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