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OnApp to acquire Virtkick - Announcement & FAQ

OnApp, a global cloud management software provider, has announced its intention to acquire Virtkick. OnApp is widely regarded as the leading cloud management software platform for the service provider industry (hosts, telcos, MSPs, VPS providers etc). They’ve been in business since 2010 and have helped many, many businesses in our industry build their own successful cloud hosting services. Check out for more info.

Why is OnApp interested in Virtkick?

OnApp has always been impressed by the revolutionary way Virtkick simplifies every step of cloud hosting. Our unique fully-managed SaaS platform approach, from the user-centric interface to orchestration and billing, were especially interesting to OnApp for future projects.

Why is Virtkick interested in OnApp?

OnApp gives us a great opportunity to focus on unique aspects of our billing and SaaS platform, while we reuse the great building blocks that OnApp already has - including SolusVM, the wide range of functionality built into the OnApp cloud platform, and the OnApp Federation.

What will happen to Virtkick?

It’s business as usual, except the Virtkick product continues under the OnApp umbrella - which means, it’s now backed up by an industry leader. This can only be good news for Virtkick customers, old and new - we now have the resources of a global leader to help us keep making Virtkick the best at what it does.

Will Virtkick clients be negatively affected by the change?

Absolutely not. Instead, Virtkick customers can look forward to additional development and new features coming to the Virtkick platform. We have an exciting roadmap and plenty of new capabilities coming soon.

What does the Virtkick roadmap look like now?

We’re currently working on replacing the original Virtkick backend with SolusVM, which is a leading VPS management system that’s also part of the OnApp product range. Once that work is done, hosting providers will be able to manage their infrastructure directly in SolusVM without exposing it to their end clients. SolusVM already has a rich range of orchestration features - so once we this work is complete, Virtkick clients will get immediate access to those features.

What’s happening to the Virtkick team?

We can’t keep making Virtkick great without the team that has already taken us to where we’ve got to today... so yes, of course the founders of Virtkick, and all of the dev and support staff that are vital to our mission, will continue working on our platform - but as part of the OnApp family of companies.

Will Virtkick pricing change?

No! Virtkick pricing will remain the same for existing customers and new customers.

Who do I contact for more information?

For any other questions or concerns about this news, please do get in touch via!

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Damian Nowak
CEO @ Virtkick