You win, we win.

Virtkick makes cloud easy for your clients with the lightweight and user-friendly approach. Whether you're a small data center, a game hosting company or a huge enterprise, Virtkick is easy to plug-in and make the most of your hardware without extra costs.

We're a Techstars-backed company with strong background in networking and hosting management. Here's a bit more about us:

Damian Nowak   


Virtkick's mastermind, Minecraft & bluegrass music fan.

Likes cats and motorcycles.

Damian Kaczmarek   


Passionate sailor, Ironman and all-round coder.

Rush makes sure our computers beep.

Mateusz Kwiatkowski   


He's the only one to know how networks really work.

Likes Saab cars and Scania trucks.

Rafał Lisewski   


Knows (almost) everything about backups and security.

He's got four kids... but Nowaker tries to catch up.


We're eternally grateful for the people who supported Virtkick's crowdfunding campaign back then. Here are the names of our Indiegogo backers that made this journey possible:

  • Sebastian Burkhart
  • Amar Cosic
  • Daniel van Dorp
  • Josh Edwards
  • Dustin Falgout
  • Steve Freeman
  • Marcel Fuhrmann
  • Jeremy Johnson
  • Alexander Kokuev
  • Jake Logemann
  • Stian "lonix" Larsen
  • NicoNicoFreak
  • Theodoros Ploumis
  • Mark Price
  • Dietmar Schinnerl
  • Zaliyo Technologies
  • tobru
  • trou
  • Valdearg
  • David Wagner
  • Aaron R. Williams
  • Łukasz Żuchowski

The Indiegogo backers will receive their perks as promised.