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August Feature Flash - Templates, Used Transfer Count, Simple Server Monitoring and more!

Busy August is busy. Take a look at the features we've built in the past few weeks - and many thanks for your feedback, all of it wouldn't be possible without you!

Create your own templates

Use this feature to customize your offer and meet users' needs.

Examples of possible new OS templates:

Plus, you can take a peek at DistroWatch and find your niche :)

You can go for the application route as well:

  • Deploy your local instance of GitLab
  • Provide Joomla Open Source CMS
  • Tap into the popularity of Wordpress hosting

Create your own templates to make your customers happy and differentiate yourself in the hosting market - all it takes is just a few clicks!

Used transfer count per VM

Use this view to quickly learn about your customers' transfer usage. We will introduce transfer limitations shortly, at this moment you can manually cut network connectivity per VM. This feature is especially useful when the transfer is limited or you want to avoid fraudulent customers.

Simple server stats

We've just introduced server statistics from top and are building a fully fledged dashboard, to be released next month. Use this to preview the load of your servers, prevent downtimes or learn about your customers' behavior.

HV Console access

Direct access to your hypervisor in case you want to take a look at what's inside - just access virsh and check the technical data about your machines.

Detailed Customer screens

We've extended the user screen to give you a better overview about your customers. The first one lists the user's machines - that way you can find your most active users.

The billing tab received some new features as well: an option for adding funds by admins and a handy list of past payments with automatically generated PDF invoices.

Last, but not least, the Action tab. Here you can Lock the user and force shutdown their VMs - especially handy when there's a suspicion of illicit activity or fraud.

You can also change the user's password in case they need assistance with it and change their role from Admin to user and the other way round.

Ready to use FreeBSD Template

Due to popular demand, we've included a ready to use FreeBSD 10.3 template as a default in all Virtkick panels.

If you want to make your customers' life even easier, here's how to let them jump straight from your website to a VM creation screen with a pre-selected plan and/or image.

A good example could be listing your plans from the most economic to the most professional or ready to use package like "$5 Affordable Ubuntu Sandbox" or "$100 Windows Server Remote Desktop". One of our hosters names his plans using dinosaur names :)

Check your inbox, stay tuned to our social media and let me know if you need anything - me and the Virtkick team is at your disposal, covering the US and European time zones. Keep on hosting!

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Mirek Wozniak
CMO @ Virtkick
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