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How to resell Virtsimple, the simplest virtualization panel

Virtsimple is a virtualization panel you can resell to your customers. It's a simple way to expand your virtualization offer without any extra cost.

As a reseller, you'll earn 25% of the panel sales value monthly - for example, if you've sold 100$ worth of panel subscription, we'll charge you $75 on the billing day.

The benefits of Virtsimple reselling

  • You get 25% of the panel revenue at no extra cost
  • Your customers get more out of your offer
  • Broaden your audience: reach programmers, startups, software development shops, creative agencies and more
  • Hands-free: we handle the panel maintenance and security

Sounds good? Become a reseller straight away:

Or read on about the process:

Reseller dashboard: where the magic happens

Reseller dashboard is the place where you can see all your customers' panels at a glance. You can see the provisioning status, check their details, create new panels and cancel the panel if the customer resigns. Let's try creating a new panel.

Create a new panel: panel details

Provide the panel name, e.g. and the customer data, so we can invite them once the panel is spawned. We can also provide custom URLs for your customers' panels.

And that's it - that's all you need to spawn a panel for your customer! You can as well go a step further and connect a hypervisor:

Create a new panel: (optional) Connect Hypervisor

We will connect your hypervisor to your customer's panel - just provide the IP & root password - we use the root password to establish an initial SSH connection to the server. Afterwards we setup a key-based authentication and the panel forgets the root password. You can change it or, better yet, disable the password authentication altogether.

Connecting a hypervisor is an optional step, but can save you time in the long run and amaze your customers with a HV-connected, ready to use panel!

No extra costs, 25% extra profit

To sum up: we deploy and maintain the Virtsimple panels and can even connect hypervisors for you. In exchange, you keep 25% of the revenue you've made from the panel sales every month. All's well? Become a reseller straight away:

Questions? Drop us an email at

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Mirek Wozniak
CMO @ Virtkick
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