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SaaS, Open Source and New Virtkick Website

Cards on the table - Virtkick has changed.

We've decided to go for a SaaS solution instead of focusing on an open-source self-hosted one. Morever, the new website is up and we'd really love to hear your feedback about it!

Back to the basics, our vision stays the same - we want you, the hosting providers to use Virtkick as a tool in order to take on the biggest hosting companies. We'll help you compete with AWS and Digital Ocean with Virtkick's simplicity and great user experience for your end customers.

We have already started talking to several hosting firms about cooperation, including people from the the US, UK, France, Italy, Slovakia, Australia and New Zealand - we are very humbled to work with you guys and your logos will soon be visible on our homepage. And now onto the details!

SaaS means simple

Moving into SaaS means you won't have to think about installing Virtkick. You'll just register on our website, connect your hypervisors via IP/SSH and deploy it for your clients, e.g.

You own the customer and focus on running your business and we'll take care of updating Virtkick and making sure the SaaS works. You'll also get only one batch invoice per week from all your clients - we'll take care of your billing with Virtkick's integrated billing system.

Virtkick will be hosted in multiple places around the globe, starting with the US and few European countries and will utilize the Stripe billing gateway first, with Braintree payments (and PayPal!) coming in very soon.

Finally, as for the pricing, we'll work in a revenue-sharing model: when you make money through Virtkick, you pay us 15% of the revenue made. You grow, we grow - we're in this together.

New look and feel - also for Virtkick

We've got a new website! Thanks to Wojtek Jodel for design & UX, Mirek Wozniak for wireframing and copywriting and Chris Welch & Josh Seltzer, the Techstar's Hackstars, for creative input and feedback. You guys rock!

Plus, since Virtkick is a white-label app, you'll be able to customize it according to your company brand. Here's an example of how Virtkick could look:

As for Virtkick's future, we're going into private beta testing in two weeks (want to take part in it? Just e-mail me!). You can also try Virtkick right now check out the upcoming features in Virtkick prototype.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned - Virtkick's public SaaS release is coming soon!

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Mirek Wozniak
I do marketing and bits of coding @Virtkick.
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